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Here is a link to the Crystal Mark 3rd Edition, which is the World Bowls reference.

Amendments and interpretations can be made by National governing bodies.

This page will contain information and links which can be used as reference if you need to check rules which apply at Club level and upwards. It is NOT a comprehensive list and cannot guarantee to be exhaustive or up to date. No liability will be accepted for the contents of any external website. If you spot errors or broken links, please let us know.

S&DWBA reminder of Rules when playing League games:


All clubs in the S&DWBA have been sent a reminder of the following rules:


1. All bowls must have the same club stickers


2. All the team must wear the same uniform


3. If the skip wants to delegate the scorecard then they should ask the opposing skip before the game starts. If they agree then the scorecards for both teams must go to the players playing the same position on both teams. If they do not agree the scorecard stays with the skips. 


4. Being quiet and not moving at either end after one of your team's bowls has come to rest - because your opponents have possession of the rink at that point.


To help in applying point 4, below is a summary of Laws 12 and 13 in the Laws of Bowls which govern possession of the rink and actions which may distract an opponent.

Abridgment of Laws 12 & 13


Law 12


Players at the mat end of the rink who are not delivering a bowl must stand at least 1 metre behind the mat.


Players at the head end of the rink and who are not controlling play must stand


Behind the jack if they are members of the team which is in possession of the rink;


Behind the jack and away from the head if they are members of the team which is not in possession of the rink;


On the surrounds of the green if the jack is in the ditch;


Or well clear of the head if it is not possible to stand on the surrounds.


As soon as a bowl is delivered, a player who is controlling play from a positio that is either level with or in front of the jack, must take their position as

described above.


If a player does not meet the terms of this law, law 13 will apply.


A player must not go into a neighbouring rink where play is in progress, nor go into or walk along a neighbouring rink, even if it is not

being used, while an opponent is about to deliver or is actually delivering a bowl.


If the rink of play is an outside rink, a player must neither go into nor walk along the section of green that lies between the outside side boundary of the rink and the side ditch while an opponent is about to deliver or is actually delivering a bowl.


If a player does not meet the terms of this law, law 13 will apply.


Law 13


Possession of the rink


Possession of the rink will belong to the player or team whose bowl is being played.


As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink will transfer to the opposing player or team after allowing time for marking a toucher as soon as it comes to rest.


If the umpire, either by their own observation or on appeal by one of the skips or opponents in Singles, decides that the players in possession of the rink are being interfered with, annoyed or distracted in any way by their opponents,


The first time this happens the umpire must warn the offending player, while the skip is present; and tell the coach, if they are present, that the player has received a warning.


On each occasion after this, the umpire must have the bowl last played by the offending player or team declared dead. If that bowl has disturbed the

head, the opponent must choose whether to: replace the head; leave the head as altered; or declare the end dead.


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