Joining Atherley Bowling Club

So you are thinking of joining us? ...

there is more to our club than just bowls 

Our normal standard Bowling Membership, includes all the benefits of the Club’s social side.

However, we also offer a reduced cost stand-alone Social  Membership which provides access to snooker and other recreational facilities within the club.  (see Social Membership box below)


If you would like to take up the game of bowls, we can offer membership to play all year round indoor bowls, or you can play indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer, or really any combination that suits your life style!

We do encourage Junior & Student Bowlers within the club, and for this there is a fantastically reduced membership fee of only £10 for indoors and the same for outdoors.


Indoor bowls membership


Normal Indoor Rink Fees:

£3 for 2 hour game

£3.50 full game (18 ends)

£1.50 Roll-up per hour




Juniors & Students Rate £10 for winter plus £20 rink fees & £10 summer indoor bowling


See also:

"Additional Fees" box below

Indoor Rink Fees for the Winter 2020/21 season:

Normal rink fees have been suspended for this season only, and a nominal £20 has been added as an all inclusive membership fee.


Winter Indoor Bowls

20th Sept. 2020 - 20th April 2021

£130 Standard Fee plus £20 for rink fees (see opposite) 

£75 for a new member, new to indoor bowls plus £20 rink fees

pro-rata rates available after 1st January 2021

Summer Indoor Bowling

20th April 2020 - 20th Sept. 2021

£30 Standard Fee (including new members)

All Year Indoor Bowling

20th Sept. 2020 - 20th Sept. 2021

£180 Standard Fee (includes £20 rink fee for the winter season)

£125 for a new member, new to indoor bowls (includes £20 for all Winter Indoor Bowls Rink Fees.

Outdoor bowls membership

Atherley Outdoors.png

No rink fees apply to outdoor bowls for roll-ups and club league games. 

Match fees apply to club representative games and friendlies against visiting teams where a match day meal is served.

Outdoor Bowls

20th April 2021 to 20th Sept. 2021

£130  Standard Fee 

£75 for new member, new to  outdoor bowls.

£10 Junior & Students Standard Fee

Social Membership


2 Full Sized Snooker Tables

Bar with Pool Table

Restaurant facilities (lunch-time only Mon-Fri)

Annual Membership

20th Sept. 2020 to 20th Sept. 2021


pro-rata rates available after 6 months

For all new members:

Electronic Door Entry Card  £5 (applies to all members)

Locker Charges (if required): 

£5 deposit for key plus £5 annual hire fee.